Toshima Summer Arts Festival
An art festival where everyone from 0 years old to adults can join.
There awaits interesting people, unfamiliar scenery, and unusual physical movements here and there in Toshima-ku.
You’ll encounter feelings you’ve never felt before! Let’s enjoy an artistic summer with your friends and family!
with English subtitles and non-verbal programs
Toshima Summer Arts Festival
Toshima Summer Arts Festival

Petit Live for Parents and Children! ‘Celtic & Blues LIVE by Hamonica Creams’ 2023

Toshima Summer Arts Festival 2023 – Petit Live for Parents and Children! ‘Celtic & Blues LIVE by Hamonica Creams’ / A fusion of Celtic and blues music played on harmonica, fiddle, and guitar. Pleasant sounds and rhythms overlap with the singing harmonica melodies. From relaxing melodious tunes to heart-pounding dance music, the live performance will be full of energy!! / Artist: HARMONICA CREAMS

Petit Live for Parents and Children! ‘Bossa & Vaudeville LIVE by Soragoro’

Toshima Summer Arts Festival 2023 – Bossa nova songs and ukulele solo live performance for parents and children to enjoy. Before you know it, your heart may lighten up and your body would be singing the rhythm. Sounds filled with “surprise and excitement” including tap dance and pantomime. Let’s put on a vaudeville by Soragoro! / Artist: UWANOSUKE Soragoro (Vaudevillian, Singer Song Writer)

Night Screening in Park “Animation Travel!” / 2023

Toshima Summer Arts Festival 2023 – Night Screening in Park “Animation Travel!” / The park transforms into a movie theater!
Unique short animation films created in various parts of the world will be screened amid the night breeze. Including a session introducing the fun of animation, films with Japanese and English subtitles, as well as works with sound and images, it is a screening that can be enjoyed beyond language or age differences. / Navigator:MIZUE Mirai (Animation director)

African Music Concert / 2023

Toshima Summer Arts Festival 2023
– African Music Concert / Experience the hot African rhythms of folk instruments and percussion! With a wide range of programs from popular children’s songs to authentic African music, this is a concert that the whole family can get fascinated by. / Artist: Izpon (Percussion) Kazutake Takeuchi (Keyboard) Latyr Sy (Percussion & Sing) Abdou (Dance)

Relaxed Field Live Concert by tricolor | 2022

としまアート夏まつり2022|原っぱでケルト・アイルランド音楽をベースにした3人組バンドのライブ。フィドルやアコーディオン、ギターやマンドリンを奏でます|アーティスト:tricolor|2022年8月21日(日)雑司が谷公園 丘の上テラス・芝生スペース

Toy Orchestra hinemos Festival | 2022

としまアート夏まつり2022|にぎやかな音楽隊によるおもちゃ楽器から鍵盤・弦・金管楽器まで、色とりどりの愉快な編成のライブコンサート|アーティスト:ヒネモス|2022年8月14日(日)|雑司が谷地域文化創造館 多目的ホール

Caribbean Music Concert | 2022


Animation Travel! | 2022

Night Screening in Park “Animation Travel!”|19:00-20:00 / Saturday, August 27th / Sunday, August 28st, 2022|Zoshigaya Park, Multipurpose Square

0.1.2.のおもちゃ箱「ベイビーシアター nido」|2022

としまアート夏まつり2022|パフォーマンス・振付・ワークショップなど多様な活動を展開しているはらだまほによる0歳からのベイビーシアター|アーティスト:はらだまほ|2022年8月11日(木祝)|としま区民センター 多目的ホール

コマ撮りアニメーション ワークショップ|2022