Music concert
Ooritoori! Okinawa Summer
親子であそぶ パントマイム!
Enjoy with Your Family! Petit Live!
The Lively Rhythms and Dancing Melodies of "Thompson the Fox"
Night Screening in Park
Animation Travel!
Enjoy with Your Family! Petit Live!
"Lilly & Pechka's" Delightful Music, Relaxed and Lively!

About "Toshima Summer Arts Festival"

The "Summer Arts Festival" project aims to create a space where local community and children can experience art, fostering discovery and interaction.
It started in 2007 as the "Nishi-Sugamo Summer Arts Festival" centering around the "Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory," which utilized a closed school building (former Asahi Junior High School). Since 2012, it expanded into the "Toshima Summer Arts Festival" offering programs where more people can easily engage with art at multiple venues in Toshima Ward.
In recent years, in addition to public facilities, efforts have been made to strengthen partnerships with private facilities and facilities focusing on intergenerational exchanges, providing children with a variety of experiential opportunities throughout the city as the stage.
Programs have been planned for children from infancy to junior high school students and their families. This project provides valuable opportunities for participating artists to interact with a diverse audience and also contributes to the development of artists who will lead the next generation.
We will continue to implement initiatives to deliver cultural experiences to a wide range of ward residents.
About "Nishi-Sugamo Arts Factory"
As a part of Toshima Ward's Culture and Arts Creation Support Program, the facility was operated until 2016 by Toshima Ward, Arts Network Japan (NPO), and Children Meet Artists (NPO) in collaborative efforts.