Music concert
Ooritoori! Okinawa Summer
親子であそぶ パントマイム!
Enjoy with Your Family! Petit Live!
The Lively Rhythms and Dancing Melodies of "Thompson the Fox"
Night Screening in Park
Animation Travel!
Enjoy with Your Family! Petit Live!
"Lilly & Pechka's" Delightful Music, Relaxed and Lively!

Night Screening in Park

Animation Travel!

Sunday, August 27th’s 19:00, “Animation Travel! will be changed to “Zoshigaya Gymnasiumr” due to inclement weather.

Zoshigaya Gymnasium
3-1-7 Zoshigaya, Toshima-ku Chitosebashi Education and Cultural Center 3rd and 4th floor MAP
  • Directly connected from Exit 2 of Zoshigaya Station (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line).
  • 2-minutes walk from Kishibojimmae Station (Toden Arakawa Line).
  • 10-minutes walk from Mejiro Station (JR Yamanote Line).
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
TEL 050-5527-2731 (11:00-20:00)
The park transforms into a movie theater! Unique short animation films created in various parts of the world will be screened amid the night breeze. Including a session introducing the fun of animation, films with Japanese and English subtitles, as well as works with sound and images, it is a screening that can be enjoyed beyond language or age differences.
Photo © NISHINO Masabobu
Films provided by
New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival and others
19:00-20:00 / Saturday, August 26th, 2023
19:00-20:00 / Sunday, August 27th, 2023
CHANGE OF VENUE : Zoshigaya Gymnasium MAP
Zoshigaya Park, Multipurpose Square
  • 5-minute walk from Exit 1 of Zoshigaya Station (Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line).
  • 4-minute walk from Kishibojimmae Station (Toden Arakawa Line).
*Please use public transportation such as trains and buses to get the venue.

Venue in case of rain Zoshigaya Gymnasium

for ages 0 and up
200 persons
From 4 years old to junior high and high school students …¥400
Adults (ages 18 and up) …¥600
*Free for children under 3 years old (reservation required).
Booking & Information
Reservation required/First-come basis/No same day ticket

Reserve Online with  “Teket”|starts at 12:00 on Friday, July 7th

This event has reached capacity and registration is now closed.
We will contact you when cancellations occur and seats are available, so please apply if you wish.We will contact you in the order of application to the email address registered from the application form.
*Please note that we will not contact you if a seat is not available.
*The information you provide will be used only for the purposes of “Toshima Summer Arts Festival”
*Cancellations are not accepted unless the event is canceled. If you are unable to come to the venue on the day, please contact with your name and the number of participants.
Tickets can be purchased without membership registration, but registering (free of charge) allows the organizer to respond to inquiries about your reservation details.
*There are no chairs available at the venue. Please bring a leisure sheet or other mat.
*No food or drinks. You may only bring in drinking water with a lid. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated.
*This will be an outdoor event. Take your own measures to protect yourself from heat, cold, and insects.
*Do not enter with high-heeled shoes or spiked shoes on. Be careful not to cause damage or scratch pavement.
*In the case that the event cannot be held due to weather conditions, the venue will be changed to “Zoshigaya Gymnasium”.
*The content of the event may be subject to change due to unavoidable circumstances. Please check the website for the latest information.
Arts Network Japan
TEL 050-5527-2731
Short Animation films

Sound Lab

Director:Nicolas Bertrand
Country of production:France, Canada

The Turnip

Director:Piret Sigus, Silja Saarepuu
Country of production:Estonia

Dealing with War

Director:Andreas Hykade
Country of production:Germany

Swing to the Moon

Director:Marie Bordessoule, Adriana Bouissie, Nadine De Boer, Elisa Drique, Chloé Lauzu, Vincent Levrero, Solenne Moreau
Country of production:France 


Director:Nikita Diakur
Country of production:Germany, France


Director:KURIHARA Takashi
Country of production:Japan

Ma Ma Hu Hu

Director:Liang-Hsin Huang
Country of production:Taiwan, Japan

In the Big Yard Inside the Teeny-Weeny Pocket

Director:YUKI Yoko
Country of production:Japan

The time has come for this year's open-air film screening event, 'Animation Travel!' Let's enjoy various short animated films from around the world on the big powerful screen while cooling off in the park at night! Plenty of animations are waiting for you, including those that will excite you with the rhythm of music, those that will make you giggle, those that will thrill you with great intensity, and those that make you think about peace, and many more!

Message from the Navigator


MIZUE Mirai(1981, Fukuoka) is an animation director who creates non-narrative pieces with cellular and geometric motifs. Known for his unique, eye-catching abstract animations, Mizue is involved in a wide variety of projects that include independent animation and music videos. His most famous work, “MODERN No. 2” enjoyed its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and won the Original Music Prize at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. The world premiere of MIZUE’s “WONDER” took place at the Berlin International Film Festival and went on to win the CANAL + Creative Aid prize at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2023

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival is an animation festival dedicated to animated films held at the terminal building of New Chitose Airport (Hokkaido, Japan), which connects Hokkaido with the rest of the world as an entertainment airport. We will have the commemorative 10th edition: 2nd – 6th November, 2023. The festival not only attracts attention as one of the few film festivals in the world where all screenings, lodgings, and stays are completed at the airport but also boasts the largest number of entries in the competition section in Japan. It has now grown into one of Japan’s top animation film festivals. NEW CHITOSE is returning to an in-person edition in 2023. See you at New Chitose Airport in November.


令和5年度 文化庁 文化芸術創造拠点形成事業
Arts Network Japan
TEL 050-5527-2731 (weekdays 10:00-17:00)