Toshima Summer Arts Festival
An art festival where everyone from 0 years old to adults can join.
There awaits interesting people, unfamiliar scenery, and unusual physical movements here and there in Toshima-ku.
You’ll encounter feelings you’ve never felt before! Let’s enjoy an artistic summer with your friends and family!
with English subtitles and non-verbal programs
Toshima Summer Arts Festival
Toshima Summer Arts Festival

Petit Live Concert for parents and children!

Toy Orchestra hinemos Festival | 2022

A lively musical troupe of ten overlapping tones! A colorful and entertaining live performance full of high spots featuring toy instruments, keyboards, strings and brass instruments.


Artist; hinemos
TAKAHASHI Pechka (Toys, ukuleles, etc), HUJITA Mayumi (Accordion, etc), YOSHINO Akira (Xylophone, Melodion, etc), SHIBAYAMA Makoto (Fiddle), Kirk (Piano, etc), ITO Yutaka (Guiter), UCHIDA Takeru (Drums, toys, etc), FUTAMURA Ryo (Trumpet), SEKIYA Hitomi (Tuba), KAWAMATSU Kiriko (Trombone)

Date; August 14 (Sun)  (1)11:00-12:00 / (2)14:00-15:00

Suitable for; Ages 0 to elementary school and their families

Fees; 1 pair (1 child and 1 adult) …¥500
*Additional ¥200 per additional family
*Free for additional families under 1 year old

Capacity; 15 pairs each time


Zoshigaya Community Cultural Creation
regional culture creation hall

Booking & Information

Reservation required/First-come basis
*starts at July 14 (Thu), 2022 17:00

Contacts; NPO Children Meets Artists
TEL 03-5906-5705 / 070-6474-5838 (on the day of the event)

Artist info

‬”hinemos” is an excessively powerful orchestra of 10 members, formed in 2004 with Takahashi Pechka (chopiiin) at the core.
A circus-like group with a lot to see, hear and poke fun at, playing music from a country that seems to exist somewhere, but nowhere. Their live performances of original songs based on familiar melodies and using a wide variety of toys and junk such as tubas, trombones, trumpets, accordions, fiddles, toy pianos and saws have been well received by everyone from children to the elderly.